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Adesso, meaning “Now” in Italian was founded in 1994 by Lee Schaak, who leads the design force and Peggy Traub, a former Bloomingdale's DMM. Adesso’s specialties are fresh, contemporary, affordable lighting and furniture. Adesso is a design driven company with a proven global appeal.

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Items 1-24 of 217

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  1. Blythe Table Lamp Black
  2. Blythe Table Lamp White
  3. Blythe Floor Lamp Black
  4. Blythe Floor Lamp White
  5. Willa Arc Lamp Copper
  6. Sinclair LED 3-Arm Floor Lamp
  7. Miranda LED Arc Lamp
  8. Quest LED Desk Lamp Black
  9. Quest LED Desk Lamp Grey
  10. Quest LED Floor Lamp Black
  11. Quest LED Floor Lamp White
  12. Quest LED Floor Lamp Grey
  13. Benson Table Lamp
  14. Benson Floor Lamp
  15. Marlon Table Lamp
  16. Marlon Floor Lamp
  17. Dalton Wall Lamp
  18. Dalton Pendant
  19. Dalton Table Lamp
  20. Dalton Floor Lamp
  21. Donovan Pendant
  22. Donovan Floor Lamp
  23. Harvest Drum Pendant Burlap
  24. Duet Table Lamp
Grid List

Items 1-24 of 217

Set Descending Direction